The Douchiest Borough in NYC

  Last time I was in a beer garden in Queens, it was the Czech one, which used to be the only biergarten in NYC. Not only do I now know that there is more than one, I know the location of Studio Square, one of the douchiest bars in existence. Somehow, I had forgotten… Continue reading The Douchiest Borough in NYC

Daniel Adler Sings The Blues Pt. II

Oweee babe, I love to singa the blues. Owee mama, I love-a to sing the blues. I’m a ramblin honey, I’m leavin New York City soon. I’m goin downa Louisiana, gonna have myself a time. I’m going from St. Louie gonna, have myself a ride. I dunno how ahm a-gonna incoporate the blues inta my… Continue reading Daniel Adler Sings The Blues Pt. II

>Paris and New York in Post Postmodernism

> In Paris the boulevards beneath skeiny tree branches and high stone apartment buildings suggested exclusivity and history. Glances of emptiness from men and those of mild interest from women showed that it was their Paris. With the confidence of Napoleon they walked past him. In passing the Champ D’Elysees, the Louvre, or as he… Continue reading >Paris and New York in Post Postmodernism

>Can We Call Brooklyn Its Own City Again?

> Brooklyn has recently been drawing literary agents and basketball teams to its friendly confines. The Nets won’t be called the New York Nets, they’re going to be the Brooklyn Nets. Last night I met a biker from Denver on my way home and welcomed him, telling him that this is the best city in… Continue reading >Can We Call Brooklyn Its Own City Again?

>Cyber-Spatial Points of Reference

> I am indebted to Guillermo Creus for this project. When Jameson defined postmodernism he wrote, “The political form of postmodernism, if there ever is any will have as its vocation the invention and projection of a global cognitive mapping, on a social as well as a political scale” (54). Obviously, this is the internet,… Continue reading >Cyber-Spatial Points of Reference