Moveable Cities

There are different ways to start a sentence. Just as there are different ways to live a life. For some time it was about the spires and minarets of temples on the sea, the ceramic tile of an ancient wall with bullet holes punched as a recent addition to thousand year old battle scars, white-hairedContinue reading “Moveable Cities”

Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die:” A Review

I woke up with Lana Del Rey’s song “Born to Die” stuck in my head. I was surprised to see that the video, published just three days ago, already has almost a million and a half views. But it’s easy to see why. Lana sits in a baroque church, with tigers on each side ofContinue reading “Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die:” A Review”

How the New Facebook Timeline Represents Post Postmodernism

Facebook’s new Timeline demonstrates what the internet is becoming: a constant flow of information. But instead of looking at the internet in a linearly chronological sense, let’s think about other ways to approach it. If you really wanted to Facebook stalk someone, you would spend the first few minutes on their page admiring their mostContinue reading “How the New Facebook Timeline Represents Post Postmodernism”

My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

As my frequent readers know I am obsessed with the tradition and legacy of postmodernism. After reading about Murakami’s IQ84 on Slate, it occurred to me that much of today’s writing done uses the awareness and self-exploration of postmodernism, but without any of its refractory nature. Post postmodernism is confessional, devoid of irony. It soundsContinue reading “My Last Post About Post Postmodernism”

The Value of Context in Post Postmodernism

Post postmodernism is still a very tenebrous term. But I’d like to treat a couple of ideas that come from my past thinking about subjective realities. Living in a postmaterialist era means we all have different conceptions of what happiness is and what our lives should consist of. The new American Dream is living howContinue reading “The Value of Context in Post Postmodernism”

Why Stem-Changing Verbs Are On The Outs

I was on the phone with my mom the other day and she was telling me about an angry wasp that stinged her when the thought occurred to me that many Americans prefer to simplify stem-changing English verbs. I was working off little sleep, and I felt a little crazy, so I didn’t mind tellingContinue reading “Why Stem-Changing Verbs Are On The Outs”

Post Postmodernism Is Funny

Jeez sorry guys. My mom has been here for the past three weeks, it was my birthday, etc. She gives you all her best though. Except you Dad. And Gramma. She still hates both of you. Alas, it is more difficult to love than to hate. Tell me about it. No. Not here. So IContinue reading “Post Postmodernism Is Funny”

The Post Postmodern Dilemma

We don’t want to regret anything. Mistakes are one thing, but regrets are a no-no. So what do we do if we have a regret?  Change a memory so it becomes a mistake. This takes time. Over the course of say, five or ten years, you can train your memory to forget or to changeContinue reading “The Post Postmodern Dilemma”

Articles and the History of “The”

The definite article and the indefinite article are important in English. I prefer the former. It is the most common word in English. In German it precedes every noun. In our language it is a conflation of the Old English definite article se, in masculine, seo in feminine and þaet. That p letter is aContinue reading “Articles and the History of “The””

Free Associative Writing in Post Postmodernism

So I’ve got this idea which is a lot like stream of consciousness updated but more focused and digressive. I think that, at least where plot isn’t concerned, digressions make a work more interesting. For example I tried it out today at work when I was writing about mouse traps and I started going onContinue reading “Free Associative Writing in Post Postmodernism”