Daniel Adler Comes to Terms With the End of His Trip (And His Whispering Schizophrenic Self)

I’m coming to terms with the end of my trip. I met a young man named Aaron last night at a Couchsurfing event a six-foot two German girl invited me to. It was the kind of thing I used to waffle over attending when I lived in New York: should I get on the subway… Continue reading Daniel Adler Comes to Terms With the End of His Trip (And His Whispering Schizophrenic Self)

Daniel Adler Evaluates Kolkata

My grandma calls Kolkata the cloaca of the world. Before visiting I called it an armpit. And the main reason Dad wanted to come here was to see how bad it is. Because this is where the rickshaw was invented, and it’s one of the few places it still exists, where the runners are little… Continue reading Daniel Adler Evaluates Kolkata

Daniel Adler (And Dad) Stop Being Tourists In Delhi

I like Mumbai’s New York energy better than Delhi’s L.A. style. The latter is so sprawling, you need a car (or rickshaw) to get anywhere, and people are wealthier in a “You’re only going to Paris for five days?” way, whereas like New York, Mumbaians just pay more to be in certain scenes, and go… Continue reading Daniel Adler (And Dad) Stop Being Tourists In Delhi

Daniel Adler Lands In India

Westerners always smile about India. “Go there,” they say, “then you’ll see. I spent three and a half months. The smells, the colors. Oh, I’m jealous. You’re going to have such a great time.” Others take their experience in the subcontinent the way you’d take a beating. “Don’t look them in the eyes,” they say.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Lands In India

Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

It started because I wanted to live abroad, but getting my Irish citizenship in order to live in the E.U. proved too complicated. My mom was the first one in her family born in the U.S., so I’d have to go through my grandparents. And finding their marriage certificate, and getting the other necessary paperwork… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

Daniel Adler Blames Nazis in Auschwitz

I remember watching The History Channel and learning about Auschwitz, how it was the biggest concentration camp. The word was foreign in my mouth, the rolling vowels, the hard ‘v’, but I learned it. Again and again I learned it, when I was sixteen in history class learning about Mengele, and when I was nineteen… Continue reading Daniel Adler Blames Nazis in Auschwitz

Daniel Adler Sobers Up

I wanted to go out after the five hour bus ride– Krakow! A tall woman with big blue eyes in a yellow pea coat asked me if I needed help when I was looking at the tram map. She rode with me and asked for my blog address and told me where to get off.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Sobers Up

Katie’s Warsaw

I forgot that Poland wasn’t a country until Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Their tumultuous history of being pushed and pulled by Russia and Germany and Austria-Hungary has made them participants in every war during the past three centuries. In Warsaw it’s easy to see that; Polish culture is somewhat like American because of how it borrows… Continue reading Katie’s Warsaw

Daniel Adler Writes About Sex

I’ve been building to a climax, right? I’ve been on the road for eleven weeks in nine countries, and I’ve seen countless beautiful women. It came to a head in Berlin, because of everything I’d heard about it being like New York, because of how free and liberal it is, and how there are so… Continue reading Daniel Adler Writes About Sex

How Do You Say “Piece Of Ass” In German?

As I previously noted I’m staying in the best hostel in Berlin, which is largely due to the area and the people staying here. The other night I saw that girl with the floral patch on her bag walk in and kind of smile at me and I followed her into the kitchen and asked… Continue reading How Do You Say “Piece Of Ass” In German?