Why Art Is Holy

I woke this morning head banging full of hell. I took out my earplugs, and asked my German roommate the time. He told me I had eight minutes to get breakfast. I threw on some clothes and found myself waiting in line for toast. Next to me was a handsome curly-haired man who I’d been… Continue reading Why Art Is Holy


Daniel Adler don’t got his phone no mo’. Bought two tickets today, one from Cairo to Athens, the other from Warsaw to Mumbai. Very well priced, six hundred for both. That’s it, the only airfare. Although it’s somewhat worrisome not having an Indian visa. Have to get it in Cairo or Warsaw, places I’ll be… Continue reading PENULTIMATE NIGHT

Balthus’ Postmodernism

By Daniel Adler What if I told you I painted a picture of a 12-year-old girl showing her panties? Pretty perverse, you’d think. Maybe you’d reconsider our friendship, or more likely, reading this blog. But Balthus did just that. How did he get away with it? Better yet, how did he get his weird paintings… Continue reading Balthus’ Postmodernism

Daniel Adler, Chris D’Acunto, and Andrew Birk

It’s hard being a man. Right now, I’m suffering for fashion by wearing jeans and argyle socks and the new shoes my coworker gave to me this morning, Grenson grey suede shoes that retail for 170 pounds, and this cafe is just as hot as my kitchen was while we made cod curry, which was… Continue reading Daniel Adler, Chris D’Acunto, and Andrew Birk

Minimalist Art on the Hudson

Dia:Beacon is a former Nabisco factory now minimalist art museum on the banks of the Hudson. There are plenty of one time avant garde art works to see and justify a day trip along the gorgeous pearly waters and the moundy green hills. I like Richard Serra best and they have a whole room full… Continue reading Minimalist Art on the Hudson

>Daniel Adler’s Survival Project

> The smell of campfires is pleasant and if I were a woman, Matthew said, I’d be attracted to that natural smell. I agree. Last night we went to 3rd Ward for Steven Brahms’ The Survival Project. My favorites, and the centerpiece of the show were the 21 interesting photographs of all different long haired Asian… Continue reading >Daniel Adler’s Survival Project

>London and Avant Garde Art

> Yesterday was our first full day in London. We took the Tube, which is very convenient and indeed rivals its New York counterpart to the South Bank. One thing about Londoners is that momentary subterranean delays don’t seem to cause as much agitation as for New Yorkers. Bourough Market gave us lunch: we shared Thai… Continue reading >London and Avant Garde Art

>Metamodernism in Literature

> My friend Thomas Gibney knows the meaning of post postmodernism. He’s living in Hong Kong right now, and has just launched his website. He has written four short stories that allow you, the reader, to guide him to the story’s ends. This example of avant-garde art, especially the interactivity, is what our moment is… Continue reading >Metamodernism in Literature

>A Disquisition on Tradition and Post Postmodernism

> It occurred to me while riding my bike this morning that ever since the 20th century, artists have had an additional level of self-consciousness. What I mean is that at the crux of postmodernism was the notion of breaking from tradition because it had all been done before. And while artists have always viewed… Continue reading >A Disquisition on Tradition and Post Postmodernism