Daniel Adler Sings The Blues Pt. II

Oweee babe, I love to singa the blues.

Owee mama, I love-a to sing the blues.

I’m a ramblin honey, I’m leavin New York City soon.

I’m goin downa Louisiana, gonna have myself a time.

I’m going from St. Louie gonna, have myself a ride.

daniel adler blues
Mississippi John Hurt

I dunno how ahm a-gonna incoporate the blues inta my novel yet, but I reckon ah’ll have a better ridea when ahm on the road. Hell I doan even care if ah put it in ta break up chapters. Maybe make a lil’ story for the third part a the book a lil’ road trip. So it’ll start out like this:

I miss my baby like I miss the full moon
Gonna see my darling soon
Cuz I need some lovin, got those summertime blues
Woke up this mornin, dint know what to do
Woke up this mornin, head bangin full of hell
Cracked mahself a beer an let it go down swell
It’s been eighty six days since I seen my darlin last
And more than three months I been missin her lovin bad
From the the mountains of Olympia, to the Great North Woods
Ain’t a woman like her to be had
I got myself those summatime blues
I miss my baby like a full moon
I so gosh darn hungry
I gotta have her soon

Good foreshadwin, then write up some mo verses as I go long da way. Come up to the end with a verse bout the Great Northwest, Woodie Guthrie style, then en with a conclusry verse to the above.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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