The 100 Best Books of the Last 100 Years (1913-2013)

In the first 25 years of my life I have taken into account, above all, critical lists. The “canon” as it is known, is what is taught in schools, promulgated through our cultural halls, and understood to be worth passing unto our children. Most of my reading has revolved around it, and since I continue… Continue reading The 100 Best Books of the Last 100 Years (1913-2013)

>East Williamsburg Art Show

> The Eastern District art gallery off the Morgan stop is having an East Williamsburg show for the next month. The opening party is tonight, with a live DJ, free drinks, and some crazy cool avant garde art. I’ll be there. My friend Aakash Nihalani is going to be exhibiting. Aakash is my neighbor; he… Continue reading >East Williamsburg Art Show

>New York Writers Plot

> Caravaggio’s “The Martyrdom of St. Matthew” (1600)   When I lay in bed after that date, my heart was light and beating like a dog’s foot when he’s dreaming about hunting rabbits. I wanted so badly to lean in and kiss her as she opened her door, lips glistening in the faintest hint of… Continue reading >New York Writers Plot

>Cyber-Spatial Points of Reference

> I am indebted to Guillermo Creus for this project. When Jameson defined postmodernism he wrote, “The political form of postmodernism, if there ever is any will have as its vocation the invention and projection of a global cognitive mapping, on a social as well as a political scale” (54). Obviously, this is the internet,… Continue reading >Cyber-Spatial Points of Reference

>Stella Mena

> Portia was a timid girl with big brown eyes, like my father, and walked stately with her long legs and perfect proportions with a posture that was of catwalk models and queens of yore. She was slender and yet her body undulated in a matronly way. She had a rather dainty nose with nostrils… Continue reading >Stella Mena