The 10 Best Blog Posts in Daniel Adler’s Internet Warehouse of 2011

It felt like spring this morning. There was a birdfight and the window was open for a little breeze. The sky is blue and the light filters through the blinds, casting a long golden bar on the floor. Is it New Year’s Eve, really? I’ve written a lot this year, more than 150 posts, and… Continue reading The 10 Best Blog Posts in Daniel Adler’s Internet Warehouse of 2011

>Help: A Post Postmodern Dilemma

> Bernini’s “Apollo and Daphne“ Dear Gorgeous, So far this has been my blog. I’m totally willing to publish anything you guys think is relevant. I mean, it is an internet warehouse after all, it’s supposed to store a lot of different stuff. Anyway I’ve been thinking about my book lately, the ol’ Hot Love… Continue reading >Help: A Post Postmodern Dilemma

>Neurosurgery Confessionals

> I wrote this my freshman year of college for my writing class:  My dad wasn’t around much when I was younger because he was in his residency until he was 36. I can’t blame him  though, since he has to deal with life and death on an unparalleled basis.  This I came to understand… Continue reading >Neurosurgery Confessionals

>New York Writers Plot

> Caravaggio’s “The Martyrdom of St. Matthew” (1600)   When I lay in bed after that date, my heart was light and beating like a dog’s foot when he’s dreaming about hunting rabbits. I wanted so badly to lean in and kiss her as she opened her door, lips glistening in the faintest hint of… Continue reading >New York Writers Plot

>Skate Rounds to Brooklyn

> best thing about New York is the bridges. BMW, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, that’s how I remembered it, from south to north. It’s because they allow for interborough subway access, and we all know that public transportation is what really makes a city – that’s why L.A. sucks. I’m just kiddin’ L.A. I love… Continue reading >Skate Rounds to Brooklyn