The Douchiest Borough in NYC

  Last time I was in a beer garden in Queens, it was the Czech one, which used to be the only biergarten in NYC. Not only do I now know that there is more than one, I know the location of Studio Square, one of the douchiest bars in existence. Somehow, I had forgotten… Continue reading The Douchiest Borough in NYC

The 7 Train Extension

It’s raining and the water comes down in little diamond sparkles and guys enter the cafe soaked with hair pushed off to one side of their foreheads and their thick glasses spotty with raindrops. The bush outside the cafe waves and twitters and rocks back and forth. Today I explored the 7 train extension in… Continue reading The 7 Train Extension

>Lunch Time in Post Postmodernism

> Gabriel enjoyed lunchtime the most. For thirty minutes every six hour shift, he was allowed a meal, usually a hero, or a sub – a sandwich, for those who don’t understand late 20th century regional dialects that have probably died out by the time you’re reading this. Interesting how certain accents are becoming less… Continue reading >Lunch Time in Post Postmodernism

>The New York System of Transportation

>               The New York Subway System is the most beautiful system of transit ever conceived. It criscrosses, bumps, hiccups, jumps, stalts, heaves, groans, hisses, weaves, narrows, slows, stops, indefatigably sighs and pumps through day and night, some lines coming more infrequently than others, a surge of borough to borough transportation. I look at it… Continue reading >The New York System of Transportation