Why Bushwick is Beating Williamsburg

When was the last time you went to Williamsburg and had the time of your life? Better yet, when was your last adventure in Williamsburg? For me it was a while ago. Part of that has to do with the high-priced condos and the papoose-slinging parents who fill them. This is nothing new– gentrification did… Continue reading Why Bushwick is Beating Williamsburg

Daniel Adler Samples the Berlin Underground

Kreuzberg is the Williamsburg of Berlin, and Cecil had told me that on the southeast edges it’s like Bushwick. Linda gave me a couple of recommendations too, but it wasn’t until I sat in the cafe and heard the guy next to me speaking American English and asked him for some tips and he wrote… Continue reading Daniel Adler Samples the Berlin Underground

>Skate Rounds to Brooklyn

> http://www.goskateorgohome.com/blog/The best thing about New York is the bridges. BMW, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, that’s how I remembered it, from south to north. It’s because they allow for interborough subway access, and we all know that public transportation is what really makes a city – that’s why L.A. sucks. I’m just kiddin’ L.A. I love… Continue reading >Skate Rounds to Brooklyn