>Jimmy B: King of the Highway


Howdy y’all, it’s the cargo securement king, Jimmy B. I done some driving out west lately. Reckon I got some good load securement stories for y’all this week.

Now when a man is trucking 12 hours a day, Lord knows he could use a drink when he finally pulls over. I got a few favorite waterin’ holes around this great big country. I was at one way out west in Oregon with a nice frother and some famous Tad’s Chicken and Dumplins. Mighty tasty after a day on the road, when alluva sudden a pretty little mama comes a walking on in there. She recognized that there was a boy from out of town with that truck out there. Now I’d never seen her before but she sure was a perty one – real nice gams, and a tight little body, with some really great…teeth. So she takes a look at me, sizing me up, and asks me, “Hey big boy, what do you use for your truck tie downs with a load like that?”
And I said, “Why’s that darling? Lookin for a transport service? Or you just interested in rachet straps and truck tie downs?”
She replied, “Well, quite frankly, I just like to compare rachet straps from boys around the country. I’ve seen some real sturdy ones in my time.”She smiled.

Heheh. To that I tipped my hat and paid my bill. I know a woman’s trouble when I see her – load securement knowledge or no.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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