Ave America! From Whitman to Kerouac…

When Europe sloughed off her old skin and the ones who didn’t want to accomodate post-liberation Europe traveled the great Atlantic to come to the continent they were not free and they didn’t seek freedom — just think of the Salem Witch Trials, as if they were a result of great religious freedoms — noContinue reading “Ave America! From Whitman to Kerouac…”

>Skate Rounds to Brooklyn

> http://www.goskateorgohome.com/blog/The best thing about New York is the bridges. BMW, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, that’s how I remembered it, from south to north. It’s because they allow for interborough subway access, and we all know that public transportation is what really makes a city – that’s why L.A. sucks. I’m just kiddin’ L.A. I loveContinue reading “>Skate Rounds to Brooklyn”