>1 Year Edit On Williamsburg Skate Rounds

>     But the Williamsburg bridge Buckley and I skated best. Ride red and blue: steel mesh caging smears uptown Manhattan. Until the river is directly below you skate uphill, a drag worth it for the ride down. The grade steepens, you close in to the shore and shadows play catch up, running over each… Continue reading >1 Year Edit On Williamsburg Skate Rounds

>East Williamsburg Art Show

> The Eastern District art gallery off the Morgan stop is having an East Williamsburg show for the next month. The opening party is tonight, with a live DJ, free drinks, and some crazy cool avant garde art. I’ll be there. My friend Aakash Nihalani is going to be exhibiting. Aakash is my neighbor; he… Continue reading >East Williamsburg Art Show