>Madam’s Organ and the Fat Rasta Chick

> Last night Matthew and I went to a popular party district in D.C., Adams Morgan. We arrived early, around nine, and surveyed the strip for the right joint. I had always seen Madam’s Organ when I was younger, envious of those old enough to enjoy the nightlife, and so we did an about face… Continue reading >Madam’s Organ and the Fat Rasta Chick

>Stella Mena

> Portia was a timid girl with big brown eyes, like my father, and walked stately with her long legs and perfect proportions with a posture that was of catwalk models and queens of yore. She was slender and yet her body undulated in a matronly way. She had a rather dainty nose with nostrils… Continue reading >Stella Mena