The 100 Best Books of the Last 100 Years (1913-2013)

In the first 25 years of my life I have taken into account, above all, critical lists. The “canon” as it is known, is what is taught in schools, promulgated through our cultural halls, and understood to be worth passing unto our children. Most of my reading has revolved around it, and since I continue… Continue reading The 100 Best Books of the Last 100 Years (1913-2013)

Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

On a jouncy five in the afternoon bus to Kota, I shut my eyes, burning from desert dust, while wind heated my face like a hairdryer. I chose the back because my bag had to have a seat, is far too big to put up in the baggage racks. I grunted noticeably when the bus… Continue reading Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

Balthus’ Postmodernism

By Daniel Adler What if I told you I painted a picture of a 12-year-old girl showing her panties? Pretty perverse, you’d think. Maybe you’d reconsider our friendship, or more likely, reading this blog. But Balthus did just that. How did he get away with it? Better yet, how did he get his weird paintings… Continue reading Balthus’ Postmodernism

Minimalist Art on the Hudson

Dia:Beacon is a former Nabisco factory now minimalist art museum on the banks of the Hudson. There are plenty of one time avant garde art works to see and justify a day trip along the gorgeous pearly waters and the moundy green hills. I like Richard Serra best and they have a whole room full… Continue reading Minimalist Art on the Hudson

Coincidence in Post Postmodernism

Henry Fielding was a model for Charles Dickens. After all, Tom Jones was one of the first English novels. The use of coincidence in Tom Jones and David Copperfield adds a lot of suspense, builds expectations, and then, ironically, catharsis. This is the way I will use irony in metamodern literature, instead of the all… Continue reading Coincidence in Post Postmodernism