Coincidence in Post Postmodernism

Henry Fielding was a model for Charles Dickens. After all, Tom Jones was one of the first English novels. The use of coincidence in Tom Jones and David Copperfield adds a lot of suspense, builds expectations, and then, ironically, catharsis. This is the way I will use irony in metamodern literature, instead of the all… Continue reading Coincidence in Post Postmodernism

>The Problem With David Copperfield

> It’s tied up too neatly. David starts out as an autobiographical character for Dickens, a revolt against his archetypal heroes, but by the end of the book becomes the packaged “everything’s okay-I’m happy despite all life’s shortcomings” kind of romantic 19th century character. Keep in mind that it took Dickens another ten years to… Continue reading >The Problem With David Copperfield

>David Copperfield is So Post Postmodern

> Young Charles Dickens  So I’m reading David Copperfield, which makes Great Expectations look like chicken feet. Dickens employs certain techniques that are very far ahead of his time, such as switching from the past tense to the present for a rush of immediacy. Take this sentence from chapter XVIII, “A Retrospect:” “I think continually… Continue reading >David Copperfield is So Post Postmodern