My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

As my frequent readers know I am obsessed with the tradition and legacy of postmodernism. After reading about Murakami’s IQ84 on Slate, it occurred to me that much of today’s writing done uses the awareness and self-exploration of postmodernism, but without any of its refractory nature. Post postmodernism is confessional, devoid of irony. It sounds… Continue reading My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

City Petrichor, Big Sur, and Moral Relativism in Post Postmodernism

Today when I told Tim about hating, he said he doesn’t hate people the way I do, which may be for a second or five or minutes or even almost whenever I see them, he hates chance, the way things happen for him. Like when he’s walking behind someone, he doesn’t hate that person, he… Continue reading City Petrichor, Big Sur, and Moral Relativism in Post Postmodernism

Welcome to Post Postmodernism

In “The Art of Poetry,” by Kenneth Koch (pronounced Coke) he writes: “Trying out all kinds of styles and imiating poets you like/And incorporating anything valuable you may find there,/ These are sound procedures, and in fact I think even/essential/To the perfection of an original style which is yours alone. ” I like to do… Continue reading Welcome to Post Postmodernism


> By now you should be familiar with all my different modernisms: postmodernism, post postmodernism, metamodernism, etc. And while these all have bearing upon my work, I think it’s most important to articulate that my work is about one person. Hot Love on the Wing explores one subjectivity. Whereas modernism was about exploring different subjectivities… Continue reading >Subjectivism

>Free Associative Post Postmodern Descriptions

>  My friends are naming their dog Prince Chicken Sandwich Can’t Be Asked Jackson and that’s the condensed version. But this allows you to call the dog any of the above, or whatever the fuck you want. So you can basically call anything you want, anything you want. Let me provide an example: “Morning moved… Continue reading >Free Associative Post Postmodern Descriptions

>Thomas Wolfe’s Modernism

> Thomas Wolfe is a badass writer. Although he wrote Look Homeward, Angel at the height of the modernist movement, in 1928, he employs various postmodern techniques. For example, upon his birth he manages to remove some of the self-indulgence of writing a bildungsroman by asking the reader if you are familiar with what had… Continue reading >Thomas Wolfe’s Modernism

>The Hipster’s Diminishing Cultural Capital

> A review of the new book “Whiter Shades of Pale” has me lamenting the continuous barrage of self definition and satirical placement white people love. The author of “Stuff White People Like” may have a point in mocking his fellow whitey, but in a way, isn’t he perpetuating the system? White people love to… Continue reading >The Hipster’s Diminishing Cultural Capital