>Daniel Adler’s View on Verb Subject Agreement

> I take issue with writers who have trouble keeping their subjects parallel with their verbs. Granted I do it too sometimes when I’m sloppy, but there are more specific problems I’d like to address. For example, I know it’s common practice these days to say “that band are playing tonight.” How about when referring… Continue reading >Daniel Adler’s View on Verb Subject Agreement

>The Hipster’s Diminishing Cultural Capital

> A review of the new book “Whiter Shades of Pale” has me lamenting the continuous barrage of self definition and satirical placement white people love. The author of “Stuff White People Like” may have a point in mocking his fellow whitey, but in a way, isn’t he perpetuating the system? White people love to… Continue reading >The Hipster’s Diminishing Cultural Capital

>Tolstoy and Post Postmodernism

> I am reading War and Peace. Halfway through, it feels like I am learning how to write. Granted, Tolstoy wrote it in Russian and I’m reading it in English, consequently losing much of the original poetry, but when I open it I am absorbed into early 19th century Moscow. The best parts are when… Continue reading >Tolstoy and Post Postmodernism