>Free Associative Post Postmodern Descriptions

>  My friends are naming their dog Prince Chicken Sandwich Can’t Be Asked Jackson and that’s the condensed version. But this allows you to call the dog any of the above, or whatever the fuck you want. So you can basically call anything you want, anything you want. Let me provide an example: “Morning moved… Continue reading >Free Associative Post Postmodern Descriptions

>Thomas Wolfe’s Modernism

> Thomas Wolfe is a badass writer. Although he wrote Look Homeward, Angel at the height of the modernist movement, in 1928, he employs various postmodern techniques. For example, upon his birth he manages to remove some of the self-indulgence of writing a bildungsroman by asking the reader if you are familiar with what had… Continue reading >Thomas Wolfe’s Modernism

>Daniel Adler’s Room in Post Postmodernism

> So remember Christmas in Post Postmodernism? I’m getting a $40 gift certificate for pretty much anything I need. I need a dresser. The two small endtables I have in my room in which I store my undergarments are literally overflowing with clothing, especially after having visited my Uncle Jacques and receiving a number of… Continue reading >Daniel Adler’s Room in Post Postmodernism