>London and Avant Garde Art

> Yesterday was our first full day in London. We took the Tube, which is very convenient and indeed rivals its New York counterpart to the South Bank. One thing about Londoners is that momentary subterranean delays don’t seem to cause as much agitation as for New Yorkers. Bourough Market gave us lunch: we shared Thai… Continue reading >London and Avant Garde Art

>Arcimboldo, Chester Dale and Post Postmodernism

>  Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-93) was  a painter at the court of  Ferdinand I  in Vienna , and later for Maximilan  II and Rudolf II when  the Hapsburg court moved to Prague due to religious reasons.  His work is easily recognizable for its use of fruits, vegetables and flower depicting human faces. Scientifically correct, these paintings… Continue reading >Arcimboldo, Chester Dale and Post Postmodernism