>A Disquisition on Tradition and Post Postmodernism

> It occurred to me while riding my bike this morning that ever since the 20th century, artists have had an additional level of self-consciousness. What I mean is that at the crux of postmodernism was the notion of breaking from tradition because it had all been done before. And while artists have always viewed… Continue reading >A Disquisition on Tradition and Post Postmodernism

>Baudelaire and Millenialism

> Baudelaire is a boss. His 1857 work, Fleurs de Mal (Flowers of Evil) is arguably the most important French poetic work from the 19th century. It inspired a movement of symbolists, and helped to create modern poetry. Symbolism was all about generating emotion through metaphor and comparison, all with the help of a Platonic… Continue reading >Baudelaire and Millenialism