Autumn’s So Sweet and Melancholy…

“Why is it so melancholy?” “It’s the end of the year. It’s dying. August is the saddest but” “No, October is the saddest. August is a party before it all ends.” “October is the party: Halloween. It’s about midway between the end of summer the longest night of the year.” “It’s like when I goContinue reading “Autumn’s So Sweet and Melancholy…”

>Rumi, Negative Capability and Eastern Classic Literature

> I’m reading Rumi’s “The Book of Love,” a classic literature text worth reading. It isn’t so much about the sexual love you immediately thought of upon reading the title, but rather the love for life, on which I pride myself for having. Not to sound like an arrogant asshole, but you know, the channelingContinue reading “>Rumi, Negative Capability and Eastern Classic Literature”

>A Disquisition on Tradition and Post Postmodernism

> It occurred to me while riding my bike this morning that ever since the 20th century, artists have had an additional level of self-consciousness. What I mean is that at the crux of postmodernism was the notion of breaking from tradition because it had all been done before. And while artists have always viewedContinue reading “>A Disquisition on Tradition and Post Postmodernism”