Metamodernist Imagism

Imagist, objectivist, metamodernist, they all share one thing in common: lack of association. I’m reading A Farewell to Arms right now, after having saved it for this moment for years. I’m struck by the imagist descriptions of drinking. Hemingway and his Iceberg Theory were part of the Ezra Pound-led imagist group. It goes something likeContinue reading “Metamodernist Imagism”

Katie’s Warsaw

I forgot that Poland wasn’t a country until Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Their tumultuous history of being pushed and pulled by Russia and Germany and Austria-Hungary has made them participants in every war during the past three centuries. In Warsaw it’s easy to see that; Polish culture is somewhat like American because of how it borrowsContinue reading “Katie’s Warsaw”

The 10 Best Blog Posts in Daniel Adler’s Internet Warehouse of 2011

It felt like spring this morning. There was a birdfight and the window was open for a little breeze. The sky is blue and the light filters through the blinds, casting a long golden bar on the floor. Is it New Year’s Eve, really? I’ve written a lot this year, more than 150 posts, andContinue reading “The 10 Best Blog Posts in Daniel Adler’s Internet Warehouse of 2011”

Hemingway and Joyce’s Juvenilia

I was reading today about how Hadley Hemingway lost her young husband’s writings on the train she was taking to Geneva. She was bringing them to him because someone was impressed with his writing and wanted to see more. All was lost and Hemingway lamented to Ezra Pound about his unfinished WWI novel and theContinue reading “Hemingway and Joyce’s Juvenilia”

Big Sur, Spontaneous Prose and The American Colloquial Style

I read Big Sur because I’m going to Big Sur in a few weeks, during my survey of the American South and West. Kerouac is great: On the Road is one of the twentieth century’s most important novels. In Big Sur, it’s clear Kerouac is older and less sporadic, but his spontaneous prose style isContinue reading “Big Sur, Spontaneous Prose and The American Colloquial Style”

Language Trends and Writing Rules in Post Postmodernism

Writing is changing because language is changing. Adverbs for example, are falling by the wayside. Get home safe! Not safely. The latter is so formal it’s practically an order. Ending a sentence with a preposition is not only kosher, it actually sounds better much of the time. This is what we’re talking about. This isContinue reading “Language Trends and Writing Rules in Post Postmodernism”

Daniel Adler’s 200th Blog Post and Favorites So Far

This is my 200th blog post. Here’s a touch of postmodernism – I’m sorry for subjecting you to that story about Evelyn. As Matthew said, I kind of shat it out with my fingertips. I just started writing a short story because I think it’s important to be able to try different mediums. But itContinue reading “Daniel Adler’s 200th Blog Post and Favorites So Far”