The Mongoose Dharma

I have an Indian gray mongoose nest in my backyard. The mongoose tramps along the grassy path short legs whirring. He has a mate. He follows her up and down the boulderous terraces, mounting her, and tries to stay on top. He doesn’t look successful. He falls off her and sits in the grass. LikeContinue reading “The Mongoose Dharma”

Daniel Adler And The Great Indian Rivers

Upon Seeing the Brahmaputra I have seen great rivers flowing. This one comes from the hills of Xanadu and runs 1800 miles to the sacred Ganges in Bangladesh, then into the world’s largest river delta where the biggest mangroves grow and man-eating tigers prey. Brahma, author of the scriptures, living in the mountains, and hisContinue reading “Daniel Adler And The Great Indian Rivers”

Catania: They Don’t Know How Good They Got It

When I arrived in Catania it was everything I wanted Italy to be, sunshine, Baroque Duomos, and open air markets. But Catania is a very modern Italian city, in ways that may not be immediately apparent. Catania is Italy’s tenth largest city, and its geographic location makes it a destination for migrant workers from Pakistan,Continue reading “Catania: They Don’t Know How Good They Got It”

A Walk Around Tel Aviv

I dreamed about being on a Birthright-style tour around the world, on the rest of my trip, in Egypt, India, and woke to see Max already leaving for brunch with his cousin. I elected to stay here since Yoni and Lisa were out. It was nearly one. I made one of the instant coffees IContinue reading “A Walk Around Tel Aviv”

Daniel Adler, Bareback In Jerusalem

I had always imagined Jerusalem as crowded, sweaty, and somehow more third world than the rest of the Middle East, with arid dust rising behind me, monkeys screaming in the distance, the call to prayer sounding and lots of white robes and payos. In reality, Jerusalem is built on a small mountain, about two thousandContinue reading “Daniel Adler, Bareback In Jerusalem”

Freedom and Writing

My Granny calls me today, tells me she doesn’t like a sentence from a few blog posts ago. That’s part of traveling, meeting people, maybe falling in love, gathering stories and experience. It’s what I must do, not necessarily to write masterpieces, but to understand people, to be free. What is freedom? It’s doing whatContinue reading “Freedom and Writing”