Hemingway and Joyce’s Juvenilia

I was reading today about how Hadley Hemingway lost her young husband’s writings on the train she was taking to Geneva. She was bringing them to him because someone was impressed with his writing and wanted to see more. All was lost and Hemingway lamented to Ezra Pound about his unfinished WWI novel and the… Continue reading Hemingway and Joyce’s Juvenilia

>What is a Kunstleroman?

>I feel like an explanation is due. For those of you who never studied English literature in college, or who might have forgotten, a kunstleroman is the coming of age story of an artist (see “Kunstler-Hustle” below). This is much like a bildungsroman, which is an ordinary coming of age story.  Kunstleroman comes from the… Continue reading >What is a Kunstleroman?

>An Annual Event

> The Bowery, being watchful, was loud and rough except at the hour when the halfway houses were serving dinner. A red brick building of six stories overviewed the southeast corner of first street, obligingly settled next to its northern neighbors. The other buildings on the street were varicolored, conscious of the usual discord and… Continue reading >An Annual Event