An Update

For the past three months I have been writing in notebooks. I finished one this morning and I need to buy a new one, a black composition notebook with pages thick enough to use Precise pens on both sides. I find stickers to put on the covers of these notebooks  and wrap the stickers around… Continue reading An Update

How to Go Out In Tel Aviv, Part 1

The Israeli weekend begins on Friday, Shabbat. But it’s a religious weekly holiday–everything’s closes at sundown. Of course, there are bars open; Tel Aviv likes to model itself after New York. But it’s oddly quiet. Many people go out on Saturday, the day before most people begin their work week. That the Jewish culture doesn’t… Continue reading How to Go Out In Tel Aviv, Part 1

Proust Gives Daniel Adler Boners

Sometimes in the morning in between unlocking my bike from the banister and swinging my foot over the seat, I would think about all the many times I’ve done this before; and what lay before me would either be a road gravelly and cold with salted streaks running down the cracked and bumpy macadam while… Continue reading Proust Gives Daniel Adler Boners

>Metamodernism in a New York Moment

>  Imagine being in a garden terrace where American ‘90s jazz plays and the art that hangs on the walls is a menagerie of midcentury color-swerving, obviously Picasso inspired. One particular painting strikes you, this one more Fauvist: a purple blonde clutches a pearl necklace as she emerges, orange-nippled and open-mouthed, from a parlor with… Continue reading >Metamodernism in a New York Moment

>Daniel Adler’s 100th Blog Post

> Hey Guys and Gals,This is my 100th blog post, and it has been nearly a year since I started this thing. I want to thank y’all for staying tuned, and I want to reassure you that there’s a lot more good stuff to come. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading excerpts from my forthcoming novel,… Continue reading >Daniel Adler’s 100th Blog Post