>London Recap


Daniel Adler in Claridge’s Hotel.

I just created my London album on Facebook which is supposed to give you an idea of what we saw and did. Overall I was ambivalent about being home when I returned last night and saw the rats in the sewer and the loud rude Americans. On one hand this is what makes America Amurrica – the high culture and the low, but London is simply more refined. Let me try to describe it another way: in London people pass by, in New York they are next to you. Everyone wants to stand out here, there they want to be recognized. The difference is subtle and plays out in our country’s love for individualism and theirs for class.

We saw an interesting play about race called Clyborne Park. It was two acts. The first was about a Chicago family that sells their house to a black family in the late ’50s. The next act was about a white family moving back into the now black neighborhood and wanting to build a big house. It was uproarious. This was the climax, told by the black woman, when all the Brits, three thousand miles safe from slavery’s remnants were able to think about what it means to be politically correct w/r/t blacks: What do white women and tampons have in common?
They’re both stuck up cunts.

Of course, the white male was the one saying that he’s not offended by any of it, privileged bastard that he is. But then his experience may be the most relatable, because it hasn’t been clouded with the experience of prejudice. Relatable, boring. Make it interesting and universal, something even the Brits can relate to.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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