>2010 Classic Literature Round Up

> One of my more rececnt posts about George Bernard Shaw has caused a bit of a maelstrom. Indeed, I was wrong, or at least misreading the quotation. It seems as though experience is not valuable for its capacity or breadth, but for its quality. This goes back to Nietszche. The Superman stands on the… Continue reading >2010 Classic Literature Round Up

>Twain, Tolstoy and Austen, Oh My!

> The literature world is abuzz with news. Mark Twain’s autobiography is finally going to be released after 100 years of waiting. I’ve been reading a lot of his pithy one-liners: “Adverbs are the enemy of the verb;” “Travel is fatal to prejudice” and admiring them for their brevity and truth. Hemingway greatly admired the… Continue reading >Twain, Tolstoy and Austen, Oh My!

>Tolstoy and Post Postmodernism

> I am reading War and Peace. Halfway through, it feels like I am learning how to write. Granted, Tolstoy wrote it in Russian and I’m reading it in English, consequently losing much of the original poetry, but when I open it I am absorbed into early 19th century Moscow. The best parts are when… Continue reading >Tolstoy and Post Postmodernism