>Live for a Thousand Years in an Instant. Try It.

> From the most recent female ephemera, remember the spirit children, the essences that united from all of our physical union and they whisper, what about us. But they drift into the atmosphere and I have done all I can.  Sometimes I remind myself that it doesn’t matter whether you live for another three days orContinue reading “>Live for a Thousand Years in an Instant. Try It.”

>Rumi, Negative Capability and Eastern Classic Literature

> I’m reading Rumi’s “The Book of Love,” a classic literature text worth reading. It isn’t so much about the sexual love you immediately thought of upon reading the title, but rather the love for life, on which I pride myself for having. Not to sound like an arrogant asshole, but you know, the channelingContinue reading “>Rumi, Negative Capability and Eastern Classic Literature”