How the New Facebook Timeline Represents Post Postmodernism

Facebook’s new Timeline demonstrates what the internet is becoming: a constant flow of information. But instead of looking at the internet in a linearly chronological sense, let’s think about other ways to approach it. If you really wanted to Facebook stalk someone, you would spend the first few minutes on their page admiring their most… Continue reading How the New Facebook Timeline Represents Post Postmodernism

My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

As my frequent readers know I am obsessed with the tradition and legacy of postmodernism. After reading about Murakami’s IQ84 on Slate, it occurred to me that much of today’s writing done uses the awareness and self-exploration of postmodernism, but without any of its refractory nature. Post postmodernism is confessional, devoid of irony. It sounds… Continue reading My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

The Value of Context in Post Postmodernism

Post postmodernism is still a very tenebrous term. But I’d like to treat a couple of ideas that come from my past thinking about subjective realities. Living in a postmaterialist era means we all have different conceptions of what happiness is and what our lives should consist of. The new American Dream is living how… Continue reading The Value of Context in Post Postmodernism

Daniel Adler’s Future of the Novel

Last night I got some goodies, among which is D.H. Lawrence’s “Selected Critical Writings. Now you know how I feel about D.H. Lawrence and I think that after Conrad and Hardy of the late 19th century, he and Joyce were foremost novelists in the early 20th. So of course the first essay I read is… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s Future of the Novel

Welcome to Post Postmodernism

In “The Art of Poetry,” by Kenneth Koch (pronounced Coke) he writes: “Trying out all kinds of styles and imiating poets you like/And incorporating anything valuable you may find there,/ These are sound procedures, and in fact I think even/essential/To the perfection of an original style which is yours alone. ” I like to do… Continue reading Welcome to Post Postmodernism

Prepositions in Post Postmodernism

To excuse my laziness, I’ll offer a simile. I feel like the owner of a small animal who’s left it alone for too long, and returning home, finds it all too happy to see him, which only increases his guilt… Let’s talk about prepositions in post postmodernism. You can end sentences with prepositions these days… Continue reading Prepositions in Post Postmodernism

Why Stem-Changing Verbs Are On The Outs

I was on the phone with my mom the other day and she was telling me about an angry wasp that stinged her when the thought occurred to me that many Americans prefer to simplify stem-changing English verbs. I was working off little sleep, and I felt a little crazy, so I didn’t mind telling… Continue reading Why Stem-Changing Verbs Are On The Outs

Post Postmodernism Is Funny

Jeez sorry guys. My mom has been here for the past three weeks, it was my birthday, etc. She gives you all her best though. Except you Dad. And Gramma. She still hates both of you. Alas, it is more difficult to love than to hate. Tell me about it. No. Not here. So I… Continue reading Post Postmodernism Is Funny