Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery: Doin’ It Right

Cat was giving us a tour of Brooklyn‘s Greenwood Cemetery. I biked up to the neo-Gothic entrance of the cemetery to where Cat and Laura stood waiting. Julie rolled up, looking aggressive and badass and made Laura’s acquaintance, asked how she liked South Slope, since they were both neighbors. Oh yeah, it’s great, except forContinue reading “Brooklyn’s Greenwood Cemetery: Doin’ It Right”

Why Bushwick is Beating Williamsburg

When was the last time you went to Williamsburg and had the time of your life? Better yet, when was your last adventure in Williamsburg? For me it was a while ago. Part of that has to do with the high-priced condos and the papoose-slinging parents who fill them. This is nothing new– gentrification didContinue reading “Why Bushwick is Beating Williamsburg”

Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

It started because I wanted to live abroad, but getting my Irish citizenship in order to live in the E.U. proved too complicated. My mom was the first one in her family born in the U.S., so I’d have to go through my grandparents. And finding their marriage certificate, and getting the other necessary paperworkContinue reading “Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World”

Why Daniel Adler’s From Brooklyn AND Portland

At work today, a Mr. Duffy pronouncedly shamed me by stating that I was from Portland, when all well know my humble beginnings in Brooklyn make me largely who I am. “How old were you when you lived in Portland?” the porcine lout asked. “I was ten, I lived there until I was eighteen.” “Your formative years, whenContinue reading “Why Daniel Adler’s From Brooklyn AND Portland”

How My Family Came to New York

Despite protests from his family Grampa Leo was confident that he could raise a family in New York. And so in 1955, when they were disappointed that their boat didn’t land at the Statue of Liberty, and saw that dominant skyline, they shared the same thought you did last time you circled JFK or LaGuardiaContinue reading “How My Family Came to New York”

Daniel Adler’s 200th Blog Post and Favorites So Far

This is my 200th blog post. Here’s a touch of postmodernism – I’m sorry for subjecting you to that story about Evelyn. As Matthew said, I kind of shat it out with my fingertips. I just started writing a short story because I think it’s important to be able to try different mediums. But itContinue reading “Daniel Adler’s 200th Blog Post and Favorites So Far”

A Description of Brooklyn Unfit for Classic Literature

Biking through graveyards  puts you in touch with the past. Spirits rise around you. Above, the sun catapults through dirt and fumes to create an orange blue fuzz. The bikepace is slow and steady  enough to keep the heart pumping but your shirt or brow dry. And after dinner and talk, reassuring sympathetic talk ,Continue reading “A Description of Brooklyn Unfit for Classic Literature”