>The Problem With David Copperfield

> It’s tied up too neatly. David starts out as an autobiographical character for Dickens, a revolt against his archetypal heroes, but by the end of the book becomes the packaged “everything’s okay-I’m happy despite all life’s shortcomings” kind of romantic 19th century character. Keep in mind that it took Dickens another ten years to… Continue reading >The Problem With David Copperfield

>How Many Words Are In The English Language?

> Uriah Heep, the subject of  Mr. Micawber’s bombastic denunciation. There are over a million words, or lexemes, in the English language. Including scientific nomenclature, that figure could easily be doubled. Shakespeare, master of classic literature, had a vocabulary of about 40,000 words. The average person knows about 10,000. There are only going to be… Continue reading >How Many Words Are In The English Language?