>Facebook in Post Postmodernism


He signed onto Facebook, one of the earliest and most powerful social mapping sites that existed online. He was friends with both Daphne and Dela, in the same way he was friends with Tatiana; it was common for acquaintances to keep online tabs on each other. The key was to alert the former’s attention to the latter. His wall, an area where friends left comments, was relatively stagnant, with about one comment every four days. He needed to incite Daphne to recognize Dela’s existence. He clicked to Dela’s profile, to see a picture of her with Buckley and her parents at a nice dinner. Buckley’s cheesy grin and Dela’s sexy smile…there’s a good reason she was your first love…

“Hey hope you had fun at the concert. Let’s get some espresso soon 😛 Emoticon? Or no emoticon? No emoticon. Exclamation point? Ellipsis? No punctuation. It’s just more for her more to interpret. It should be sporadic, a reminder, an apology, an acknowledgement. Halloween was in 2 weeks. He had to find out where the party was. He could take Dela, and then see Daphne there. Daphne would see him and be stunned. He would win.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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