How Do You Say “Piece Of Ass” In German?

As I previously noted I’m staying in the best hostel in Berlin, which is largely due to the area and the people staying here. The other night I saw that girl with the floral patch on her bag walk in and kind of smile at me and I followed her into the kitchen and asked… Continue reading How Do You Say “Piece Of Ass” In German?

My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

As my frequent readers know I am obsessed with the tradition and legacy of postmodernism. After reading about Murakami’s IQ84 on Slate, it occurred to me that much of today’s writing done uses the awareness and self-exploration of postmodernism, but without any of its refractory nature. Post postmodernism is confessional, devoid of irony. It sounds… Continue reading My Last Post About Post Postmodernism

Climbing The Magic Mountain

Reading works in translation is like seeing your love five years after you’ve gotten over her. It’s still nice to see her, you still know her soul, but it’s not the same. All I can say is thank god I can read Shakespeare in the original. I’m reading The Magic Mountain  by Thomas Mann. It’s… Continue reading Climbing The Magic Mountain