Learning Berlin Like I Learned Bushwick, Kinda

I am sitting in a cafe in Berlin in Rosenthaler Platz and I just finished drinking my americano, which the man at the counter recommended (over the girly Milkmadchen Espresso). I am upstairs sitting in a room filled with young people on their Mac Books. Most are German. I am reminded of the tea rooms… Continue reading Learning Berlin Like I Learned Bushwick, Kinda

Post Postmodernism Is Funny

Jeez sorry guys. My mom has been here for the past three weeks, it was my birthday, etc. She gives you all her best though. Except you Dad. And Gramma. She still hates both of you. Alas, it is more difficult to love than to hate. Tell me about it. No. Not here. So I… Continue reading Post Postmodernism Is Funny

Coincidence in Post Postmodernism

Henry Fielding was a model for Charles Dickens. After all, Tom Jones was one of the first English novels. The use of coincidence in Tom Jones and David Copperfield adds a lot of suspense, builds expectations, and then, ironically, catharsis. This is the way I will use irony in metamodern literature, instead of the all… Continue reading Coincidence in Post Postmodernism