Daniel Adler(s) View the End of a RTW Trip

So we’ve been having a pretty good time hanging out in India. Despite what some may think of as “dicking around,” they don’t have half an idea of what we’ve been doing with our days, since it’s very boring to read about someone sitting in different rooftop restaurants and drinking mango lassis and reading and writing while all the Indians estivate, and we simply wouldn’t do that to our blog readers. And no, we can’t do this back home in the U.S.A. without being burdened by friends attempts to drag us into Id-based dissolution and debauchery, which we can’t blame them for, that’s what friends do together, as well as the competitive marathon of most American cities, where even common interaction with a middle-aged female Range Rover driving neighbor is prone to exhibitionism of some sort, or bragging or inconclusive one-upmanship and one-sided jealousy of youth, and forgotten with, what else, money. Yeah, pretty good, hanging out here writing and experimenting with our craft, the one thing in life that gives us purpose.

Anyway over the past week or so I’ve been more and more pressed to return home to work on something with a friend. I’ve been helping this friend on this something, more about I can’t disclose without involving non-disclosure agreements, for a good few months now, and the ball’s figuratively rolling. It’s a pretty steep slope, actually, and my friend wants me there in real life to actually help push the ball off the cliff, since it’s in position and all.

Except we’ve been having such a good time out here in South Asia, experiencing and living every day for itself, without having to work a nine to five, which we probably wouldn’t have to do if we go back home, it’s just that we’d kind of be cutting Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka a little short, most likely foregoing Vietnam and Laos altogether, as well as the very artistic experience of looking for work abroad, and maybe even finding a cruiser to sail home on.

You’ll regret not hanging out on the islands with sexy Swedish girls. You’d be able to have so much sex, and get pretty drunk, which is a nice way to get creative.
We really don’t believe that, although it’s nice to imagine.
If I go home, I’d be able to make money! And show people how smart and successful I am.
Yeah, that’s important. But best of all Daniel would have the chance to help people and possibly change the world.
And we’d still have time to write.
Exactly what I’m saying.
And you can have sex with hot girls in the Hamptons and get high and drunk with your friend at sweet Hamptons parties. And Cornell girls, think of all the faces they’d make.
Cornell girls are smart and would be a great way to meet a nice girl I could spend some serious time in my life with.
So we’re cutting the round the world trip short, eh?
I can always come back when I’m older, with all the cash I’ve made. And it’s impossible to see it all, right?
Right. So, early July?
Sounds good.
I guess we’ll see you there.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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