Daniel Adler’s Malaysian Surprises

Daniel has a book called 101 Things to Do Before You Die. He used to pore over it when he was 12, thinking about how he could check off scuba diving and going up in a hot air balloon, paying less attention to the ones that would take a lifetime to complete, such as seeing… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s Malaysian Surprises

Daniel Adler Enjoys The Good Life In Sri Lanka

Being on the road has shown Daniel that he has trouble without the comforts of a good life– good food, well-brewed coffee, hot showers. These can be done without, if the tortoise is receding its limbs into its shell, but the ascetic, poor-man’s lifestyle isn’t really for Daniel. No, he’s used to nice things, and… Continue reading Daniel Adler Enjoys The Good Life In Sri Lanka

Contemplating Greatness in Hill Country

Sri Lanka is the greatest island of its size in the world– Marco Polo said that. He was a great man. I look out the windows of the bouncy train to see foliage crowning granite monoliths that rise a straight thousand feet into rich grey clouds. The orange-dust-lined tea plantations are spangled bright green. Out… Continue reading Contemplating Greatness in Hill Country

Why Sri Lanka is Not “India Lite”

Max told Daniel he’d feel ready to return home as soon as he landed in Sri Lanka, that he’d get there and think, more of the same, and that would be that, the adventure would be gone. Same dark-skinned people, same hectic bazars, same age-old churches none as impressive as the great cathedrals of Europe,… Continue reading Why Sri Lanka is Not “India Lite”

An Indian Affair

Every man has tastes and pleasures. That is natural, and some, me included, would say it’s bad to deny them too often. Sometimes, irrespective of these pleasures, a man witnesses a glory of life, when the sun looks all too real, like it was borne for him, and the trees flicker with the guiding resonance… Continue reading An Indian Affair

Daniel Adler(s) View the End of a RTW Trip

So we’ve been having a pretty good time hanging out in India. Despite what some may think of as “dicking around,” they don’t have half an idea of what we’ve been doing with our days, since it’s very boring to read about someone sitting in different rooftop restaurants and drinking mango lassis and reading and… Continue reading Daniel Adler(s) View the End of a RTW Trip

Daniel Adler Lands In India

Westerners always smile about India. “Go there,” they say, “then you’ll see. I spent three and a half months. The smells, the colors. Oh, I’m jealous. You’re going to have such a great time.” Others take their experience in the subcontinent the way you’d take a beating. “Don’t look them in the eyes,” they say.… Continue reading Daniel Adler Lands In India