Daniel Adler’s Malaysian Surprises

Daniel has a book called 101 Things to Do Before You Die. He used to pore over it when he was 12, thinking about how he could check off scuba diving and going up in a hot air balloon, paying less attention to the ones that would take a lifetime to complete, such as seeing… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s Malaysian Surprises

Daniel Adler Enjoys The Good Life In Sri Lanka

Being on the road has shown Daniel that he has trouble without the comforts of a good life– good food, well-brewed coffee, hot showers. These can be done without, if the tortoise is receding its limbs into its shell, but the ascetic, poor-man’s lifestyle isn’t really for Daniel. No, he’s used to nice things, and… Continue reading Daniel Adler Enjoys The Good Life In Sri Lanka

What Daniel Adler Learned From India

Daniel learned a lot from India. Yesterday on the bus ride to Pondicherry, he looked out at the lushness of South India and thought how much more easygoing it was than the arid north of mustaches and turbans, of cheating and motorcycles with gold pots hanging off the back, of simooms and Indian pride. He… Continue reading What Daniel Adler Learned From India

What To Do In Hyderabad

A nice thing about backpacking India is the loosies on every corner. I don’t smoke– much. I had just finished my second biryani of the day, chicken over rice with spicy sauce, and a sudden urge came over me to smoke. I don’t usually indulge such urges, but I didn’t feel like going back to… Continue reading What To Do In Hyderabad

Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

On a jouncy five in the afternoon bus to Kota, I shut my eyes, burning from desert dust, while wind heated my face like a hairdryer. I chose the back because my bag had to have a seat, is far too big to put up in the baggage racks. I grunted noticeably when the bus… Continue reading Daniel Adler Eats Silver in Rajasthan

Daniel Adler(s) View the End of a RTW Trip

So we’ve been having a pretty good time hanging out in India. Despite what some may think of as “dicking around,” they don’t have half an idea of what we’ve been doing with our days, since it’s very boring to read about someone sitting in different rooftop restaurants and drinking mango lassis and reading and… Continue reading Daniel Adler(s) View the End of a RTW Trip

The Value of Self-Importance; or Hating, Then Loving, Canadians

We walked down a hill, past seated bulls flopping their tails, to a street that looked familiar, and up to where we were yesterday, near Govinda’s on Palace Road. I felt good from having showered and shaved, albeit sweaty. Jan told me about a friend of his who had a straight-blade shave by a guy… Continue reading The Value of Self-Importance; or Hating, Then Loving, Canadians

Adding Entropy to Experience in Udaipur

As I sat on the back of the large took-took, Jan sitting in the middle and the driver in the front, the beauty of travel struck me. A white-turbanned old man passed us on his scooter, we rolled past signs that said Eye Doctor and Lasik, and the town was abuzz on Friday night for… Continue reading Adding Entropy to Experience in Udaipur

Feeling the Heat in Pushkar

I woke up at 445 to catch the Shabtadi (Paradise) Express to Ajmer in Rajasthan. Despite heat, my sleep was deep and impartial. I dreamed softly of home amid the whir of the fan and the honk of motorcycles streaming from outside. I had fallen asleep at 830. I took a rickshaw to the train… Continue reading Feeling the Heat in Pushkar

Daniel Adler Back in Delhi

As the bus drove away from the whitecapped mountains, I remembered my veranda, and the sunsets and evenings I spent alone, or walking upstairs to Shira and Junko, or going to Tom Yam Thai, passing time, living, writing, eating, reading, all soft and shaded by orange gloaming or bright mountain sun. I’m already gone. Now… Continue reading Daniel Adler Back in Delhi