Metamodernist Imagism

Imagist, objectivist, metamodernist, they all share one thing in common: lack of association. I’m reading A Farewell to Arms right now, after having saved it for this moment for years. I’m struck by the imagist descriptions of drinking. Hemingway and his Iceberg Theory were part of the Ezra Pound-led imagist group. It goes something likeContinue reading “Metamodernist Imagism”

Daniel Adler Comes to Terms With the End of His Trip (And His Whispering Schizophrenic Self)

I’m coming to terms with the end of my trip. I met a young man named Aaron last night at a Couchsurfing event a six-foot two German girl invited me to. It was the kind of thing I used to waffle over attending when I lived in New York: should I get on the subwayContinue reading “Daniel Adler Comes to Terms With the End of His Trip (And His Whispering Schizophrenic Self)”

Daniel Adler Gets a Better Sense of Reality

My legs felt strong after sitting all afternoon as I walked up the hill past the white lady, past the bald man, inhaling the smell of incense giving way to bull shit, then the bull, long black hairs on its penis and shit caked to its hind, I thought of what the 68-year old womanContinue reading “Daniel Adler Gets a Better Sense of Reality”

Daniel Adler Safaris Kaziranga National Park

For the past three days I’ve been in the Northeast Indian state of Assam with no internet, no phone, and no tv. Three months ago I wasn’t even sure this was part of India, the part east of Bangladesh. Since all India is on the same time zone, and since this state is so farContinue reading “Daniel Adler Safaris Kaziranga National Park”

Daniel Adler Dances Through Istanbul

The sun shone golden through my beer as I watched the bubbles spin. It was kind of Anthony to buy me this beer; I usually don’t drink so early in the afternoon. We were in a cafe across the Bosphorus, in Asia, technically, and I felt good and drunk. The tall pretty bartender with curlyContinue reading “Daniel Adler Dances Through Istanbul”

Daniel Adler Gets Lost in Jerusalem

I walked. Not directly to the Old City, that would be too easy. I took a right to the Russian Neighborhood where that German guy pointed (he actually just entered the room, funny how that happens…), the one who lent me his passport so I could check in since you need an Israeli stamp toContinue reading “Daniel Adler Gets Lost in Jerusalem”

Striking the Balance in Foreign (And Domestic) Dating

By Daniel Adler I’m staying in Lisa and Yoni’s apartment in Central Tel Aviv. I sleep on the mirpasset, the sun room, the porch with the fifty year old metal shutters that keep out the elements. In the early morning I hear feral catfights, garbage trucks, and children laughing. I debate unzipping my sleeping bagContinue reading “Striking the Balance in Foreign (And Domestic) Dating”

Going Out in Gay Tel Aviv

By Daniel Adler Yoni is fabulous. He’s the most fabulous person he knows. When I first met Yoni when I arrived in his apartment, he invited twelve other fabulous people over into the living room where they drank and talked. I told the only lesbian in the room that I was going to Egypt. SheContinue reading “Going Out in Gay Tel Aviv”


Daniel Adler don’t got his phone no mo’. Bought two tickets today, one from Cairo to Athens, the other from Warsaw to Mumbai. Very well priced, six hundred for both. That’s it, the only airfare. Although it’s somewhat worrisome not having an Indian visa. Have to get it in Cairo or Warsaw, places I’ll beContinue reading “PENULTIMATE NIGHT”

Balthus’ Postmodernism

By Daniel Adler What if I told you I painted a picture of a 12-year-old girl showing her panties? Pretty perverse, you’d think. Maybe you’d reconsider our friendship, or more likely, reading this blog. But Balthus did just that. How did he get away with it? Better yet, how did he get his weird paintingsContinue reading “Balthus’ Postmodernism”