The Best Hostel In Berlin

I switched hostels because the former didn’t have a kitchen and it was too centrally located; I’d be traveling via subway to Kreuzberg, the Brooklyn of Berlin, every day spending a euro forty on the short trip, which is ninety cents cheaper than the whole ticket (which I think is too expensive and so won’t… Continue reading The Best Hostel In Berlin

Daniel Adler Samples the Berlin Underground

Kreuzberg is the Williamsburg of Berlin, and Cecil had told me that on the southeast edges it’s like Bushwick. Linda gave me a couple of recommendations too, but it wasn’t until I sat in the cafe and heard the guy next to me speaking American English and asked him for some tips and he wrote… Continue reading Daniel Adler Samples the Berlin Underground

The Dying American

Anthony came back from the contemporary art museum and told me to stop being a pussy. I shivered and my neck hurt. I couldn’t leave my bed. I would freeze. So he went out to get me soup. I realized that I was just like his friend, the Dying Spaniard. I am the Dying American.… Continue reading The Dying American