Why Daniel Adler’s From Brooklyn AND Portland

At work today, a Mr. Duffy pronouncedly shamed me by stating that I was from Portland, when all well know my humble beginnings in Brooklyn make me largely who I am. “How old were you when you lived in Portland?” the porcine lout asked. “I was ten, I lived there until I was eighteen.” “Your formative years, whenContinue reading “Why Daniel Adler’s From Brooklyn AND Portland”

Daniel Adler Reads Tales of the Metropolis

The Chrysler Building was vying with 40 Wall Street for tallest in the City. It was the end o the gilded age in 1929. Overnight the architect added the needle, which was assembled in five separate sections in only ninety minutes, adding a over hundred feet to the building’s height. It was the city’s tallestContinue reading “Daniel Adler Reads Tales of the Metropolis”