Daniel Adler Reads Tales of the Metropolis

The Chrysler Building was vying with 40 Wall Street for tallest in the City. It was the end o the gilded age in 1929. Overnight the architect added the needle, which was assembled in five separate sections in only ninety minutes, adding a over hundred feet to the building’s height. It was the city’s tallestContinue reading “Daniel Adler Reads Tales of the Metropolis”

>The Universal vs. The Cliche

> Last night we watched some experimental music at Brooklyn Fire Proof East, and began discussing what makes the cliche a universal. The former is boring, the number one no-no in writing, the latter, genius. But where’s the line drawn? I find that when listening to music for example, when I’m expecting a rhyme thatContinue reading “>The Universal vs. The Cliche”