Daniel Adler Writes About Sex

I’ve been building to a climax, right? I’ve been on the road for eleven weeks in nine countries, and I’ve seen countless beautiful women. It came to a head in Berlin, because of everything I’d heard about it being like New York, because of how free and liberal it is, and how there are so… Continue reading Daniel Adler Writes About Sex

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck in Post Postmodernism

This week I’ve talked a bit about Bukowski and classic literature. His prose is simple and straightforward, sure, and his sex scenes and subject matter are real raunchy, but the fact is he isn’t doing anything entirely unique. He’s incorporating his influences, but if his favorite author was James Thurber as a young adult, it… Continue reading The Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck in Post Postmodernism

Bukowski and Miller in Classic Literature

I wrote last week about Ham on Rye as classic literature. I finished it and thought that it leaves a touch to be desired. Maybe because it is a coming of age story and the young man only begins to learn at the last page, but the protagonist is somewhat flat, and is barely redeemed… Continue reading Bukowski and Miller in Classic Literature

Bukowski Should Be Classic Literature

I’m reading Ham on Rye. For years, people have told me about Bukowski. Once you read Bukowski, they said, then you’ll know. And so I am reading it and I understand. His prose is straightforward and direct. He participates in the Hemingway tradition of classic  literature. But he doesn’t seem to get the respect he… Continue reading Bukowski Should Be Classic Literature