1. hi Daniel,
    I’m sorry you had to lose your money.You can’t go back but only forward and remind yourself what you’ve learned from this experience. And remember what I would say to you”no more woulda,coulda,shoulda” done- and move on.
    Remind yourself why you are traveling and look up and take in the beauty,art and good food!
    Luv ya and miss u-sending you a big hug…..your MAMA!

  2. Well-written story – sadly it’s the reality of live in Italy. It doesn’t makes angry seeing someone earning his money by fooling simple-heartes tourists. The double-faced way Ali was doing this, his smiling face and all these smooth words inspired us with the prejudice about blacks which we declined strongly before. now I’ve the adequate distance for thinking about that was happened – without excessivily emotions and prejustives. well, the prejustives are st necessary to survive in a city like Catania. Until this evening I’vnt seen Ali but I don’t know what I’ll say or do when I’ll see him again… My own disappointement and greenness about this man makes my angry. In German exists a good word for expiriences like this ones: “Lehrgeld”. It means “paying dearly”. I got my money back and so it seems easy for me to write this down. But I still hope for you that may be an important experiance for you which protects you from worser incidents. By this way we can change a bad experience partially in a “good one”.

    best wishes to you,
    still keep open minded on your travels in the right way,
    maybe we’ll see us in NY or Berlin,


    1. Johannes,
      I appreciate this word, yet I don’t think I paid dearly. With the short retrospection I have, I love Ali. I think he’s a rotten human, but I still hope that he will change. I am glad I gave him that money because it gave me the chance to feel, to live, to hate, and to understand human nature. I’m keeping an open mind, but I sure know what humans are capable of. I’ve learned about trust and hate, and I have no regrets.
      Wait for Pt. 3.

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