1. Hi Daniel,
    I left a comment on pt2- please read. I’m glad it’s over for now- time to move on and re-think of your passion..Yes, you’ve learned from this awful experience, always believe in your gut and self worth..Be safe please!
    Luv Ya, mama

  2. Just for your info, this guy named Ali was here in Romania during the winter. He came to our hostel as a “walk in” without having a booking. I was lucky that I meet him in frint of the front door and I told him from the begining that “we are fully booked”. I didn’t let him the occasion to go inside, I explained him where he can find other hostels arround and I closed the door immediately after he left. I felt sudenly scared and I used the key to close the door. Next day. another hostel send everybody an warning e-mail describing this guy and telling that he owns money to somebody in the hostel and he simply left without saying anything. When I read your post about that at the begining I realized that is the same guy. It was the same guy. I can forward you that e-mail if you need or you are curious. He should be blacklisted in hostels around the world.

  3. Hey bro i understand where ya coming from but you cant go calling all italians lazy goldfish dago wops and telling innocent people to get the fuck out of your way. Also i know for a fact the Hungarian girl your reffering to has seen and experience alot more of this world than you have and is about 7 years older than you. Theres alot more important lessons to learn than not to give a 7 foot african guy hundreds of euros then filing a police report about it…

    1. Hey bro,
      I understand where you’re coming from but I can do whatever the fuck I want. I can generalize, stereotype, and tell the world whatever I think. Am I right? That’s for them to decide.

  4. Thats fine man but if you keep going down that path one day someone is going to bash you the same way you bashed ali or worse for being a racist or telling them to get the fuck out of your way just cause your on a power trip from sucker punching a drunk guy when he wasnt looking. congratulations bro you won 😉

  5. The hostel is going well. Anthony was here again but he found me up side down because I’m involved to prepare the formalities and son on for a new place for our guests.that is going to be warmer during the winter for shure. All the best for you and I enjoy what you are telling the world. The people are different so this make the world so rich. PS- Hey “writer” please excuse my english ! 🙂

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