Thanksgiving Feelings

daniel adlerLast night was statistically the biggest bar night of the year. In Scarsdale Julie and Daniel Adler and her friends went to Chat. There were big black and white photos of Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Ronald Reagan (from his acting days), Gloria Swanson, etc., surrounding the dance floor. The DJ played Keisha et al. It took me fifteen minutes to get a drink, but it was actually the best place to meet people. After the hugs and how are yous, after midnight, they walked around drunkenly, wishing they were having more fun, tired of people looking at them and remembering their high school reputation. They wanted to convince the others how they’ve changed in five years. But people don’t change, they only gain more experience.

I glut myself because morality is not found in reason, Kant. It is found in excess, it is understood in relativity, it is realized in overindulgence. The key to Thanksgiving is to eat a big breakfast. Take it easy on the eggs, we don’t want to overdo the cholesterol. Rush to peel the potatoes and put the turkey in the oven and someone’s got to go to the store to get brown sugar. Eat again at lunch, a good sized sandwich or some nuts and fruit and then there’s nothing really to do — which is good — you didn’t want to worry about anything until the last minute. Around two you can start to get excited because people are going to arrive soon and there will be laughter and excitement and music and the sounds of football and beer and wine and your aunts you haven’t seen for a long time, people whose names you can’t remember and you will sit and eat and eat and soon it will be all over and the itis sets in and you will remember how you felt on Sunday night, looking forward to Wednesday after work…

You gotta try all the desserts, what kind of person doesn’t like chocolate? Call it an early night but don’t go to sleep right away — you’ll have bad dreams. I actually sleep better when I’m full, my dreams aren’t bad, just more colorful.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.


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