A Post Postmodern “The Camera’s Eye”

post postmodernismToday on facebook, Sarah’s friend Jessica posted a picture of a Harvard experiment asking for young people who feel anxiety in groups, hear voices and don’t like to be around people and said you should apply Sarah. And Sarah was like haha i don’t hear voices Jess . And in a later comment, how are you and hows boston, or something to that effect. Then she posted a video of some california girl covering T.I’s you can have whatever you like. aaayyyyy.

There were certain things about today that made it infuriating. The bike flat, my second in as many days; my physical tiredness, exacerbated by my drinking last night; my boss’ lecture that i had to sit through with sweaty, smelly t-shirt.
There were certain things that made today remarkable. The nacreous sky on my ride home; successfully patching and changing my bike tire; the informative talk my boss gave and which he noticed me at; and the prodigious amount of writing i did.

What if i wrote a part of a book like this? With short supertweets, or miniblogs. They’d be pretty easy to follow. You’d be able to get a pretty good sense of what I was like. They could be part of classic literature, a post postmodern “The Camera’s Eye,” an updated avant-garde writing that breaks up the plot, in the same way Dos Passos does in U.S.A.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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