>The Strabismics Pt. 4


 During the meanwhile, they load the bowl of the largest bong, and smoke it. Reality goes hazy at the edges and expectation about the future becomes anxiety about the present, what are those kids thinking, no, don’t worry about them, building tension settles into complete relaxation and mental wandering, whose cat is that?

Gabriel stands up and moves towards the cat. He had a cat growing up. You have to work for their affection; running to them and rubbing them like dogs doesn’t work. Cats and animals in general, but especially cats, are super-sensitive to energy. They have to be relaxed to permit your touch and only feel relaxed if you feel relaxed.

This cat is large. It has a clearly unhealthy paunch, but he is good natured and lazes sleepily. Gabe plays with the cat by sliding it back and forth on its excess skin and fat. He does this for about a minute, then scratches the cat’s head one last time before he sits back down.

Buckley and Kevin finish preparing the powder. They chop it up with credit cards until it is fine. They analyze the color, decide it is too dark and swear. Like chemists, they pipette four drops of water. This is perfect. They chop it again and then again. Now it looks like umber salt. Buckley produced another Jackson and Kevin weighs him out its worth on the cleverly disguised Neil Young CD case scale. Buckley waits patiently, watching the powder the while. When it’s in his hand he empties some onto the table and with his credit card, lines it up, chop…chop. He rolls his last 20 tight, puts his nose to it as he leans to inhale and jerkily snorts it in a spray and a twitch.

Pt. 4 of 5 –Daniel Adler

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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