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>Today was my first day ever having a full time job. It was a morning where the sun shines through the tree branches streaking the ground with shadow and the wind whips at your face and the sweat on your neck cools as soon as it pores. But I took my time and tried to assess my distances, Eastern Parkway okay that’s about halfway, Linden okay pretty close, hmm I’ll take a left here and…sweaty and red cheeked I arrived at the office.
My office is being built – it should be ready next week – so I’m working in one of the four offices Ajax Union already has. Joe Apfelbaum, my boss, of portly presence with a yamalke and a large pointy beard, introduced me around. We read blogs for half an hour and then waited till 11 o’clock to start learning about writing articles. Articles are five hundred words in length.  I can’t remember what my first article was about but –now I do– it was poster printing, then when I was done I e-mailed it to Roy Holler – who is our kind of supervisor. He sits at the end of the table after Sarah and is really nice and gave me positive feedback. Daniel great job. This is exactly what we need. Your next project is copiers. Your keywords are copy machines, copy machine leasing.  Keywords are what we have to include at least once or twice in the article so that when people type those same keyword phrases into search engines, our clients are up at the top of the list. So I did a lil’ research on copiers and bada bing. The third article was about ambulatory surgeries, a more difficult one.  But I took my time, and asked Roy if I had any questions. After that it was about five o’ clock and Roy took off and gave me two blogs of two hundred words each about orthodontics and tips to be a classic hostess, respectively, and then I clocked out electronically, of course, after seven hours and thirty nine minutes.
 I was expecting it to be dark, and it was – the sky was that shade of horizonal indigo that courses into jet black above your head, that oscurarado shade during mid-winter when people are heading home and they know the worst is past because last month at this time it would have been all ivory. I mobbed up Bedford, weaving in between cars by Brooklyn College, timing the crossing of intersections so that I won’t have to stop and wait, getting maybe a little bit cocky on the bike, heading down Flushing past that huge hospital that looks like a chemical plant, and across Broadway with my red sweatband and my dress shoes and my strong legs with my toe plied (avec accent) which is great because I’ve really been needing the work on my calves.
And I got in the door and lined up the bike in the hallway and walked into my room and felt a little sad, like when you’re not sure what to do, and you know that there’s routine setting in, and it’s just the beginning of a new one that could be pretty good, but the end of an old already good one. And I sat down and had a chat with Jesse and then after blogging all day, I did as New York writers do, opened my computer and found myself naturally drawn to my blog.

By Daniel Ryan Adler

Daniel Adler writes fiction and nonfiction and is finishing his MFA at University of South Carolina.

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