Daniel Adler Refuses to Regret

I saw the sweet-smelling Israeli girl again. I saw her a few days ago, when she and her friends were walking into Bhagsu to see the temple. And today I thought it was her, and I noticed the pink soles of her shoes, confirming that it was her. She said she’s moving here. She cameContinue reading “Daniel Adler Refuses to Regret”

Daniel Adler Blames Nazis in Auschwitz

I remember watching The History Channel and learning about Auschwitz, how it was the biggest concentration camp. The word was foreign in my mouth, the rolling vowels, the hard ‘v’, but I learned it. Again and again I learned it, when I was sixteen in history class learning about Mengele, and when I was nineteenContinue reading “Daniel Adler Blames Nazis in Auschwitz”