Daniel Adler Endorses the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is so familiar because it is the most beautiful of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Great Wall of China, the Pyramids, these wonders are ancient and sublime, large architectural marvels that inspire us with mankind’s grandiosity. But the Taj Mahal is so special not because of it scale, but because… Continue reading Daniel Adler Endorses the Taj Mahal

Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

It started because I wanted to live abroad, but getting my Irish citizenship in order to live in the E.U. proved too complicated. My mom was the first one in her family born in the U.S., so I’d have to go through my grandparents. And finding their marriage certificate, and getting the other necessary paperwork… Continue reading Daniel Adler’s 3 Month Travel Recap, and How to Travel Around The World

Katie’s Warsaw

I forgot that Poland wasn’t a country until Wilson’s Fourteen Points. Their tumultuous history of being pushed and pulled by Russia and Germany and Austria-Hungary has made them participants in every war during the past three centuries. In Warsaw it’s easy to see that; Polish culture is somewhat like American because of how it borrows… Continue reading Katie’s Warsaw

Daniel Adler Writes About Sex

I’ve been building to a climax, right? I’ve been on the road for eleven weeks in nine countries, and I’ve seen countless beautiful women. It came to a head in Berlin, because of everything I’d heard about it being like New York, because of how free and liberal it is, and how there are so… Continue reading Daniel Adler Writes About Sex